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everyone goes Carolling

In about a week’s time i’ll be headed to KL. Gonna be staying with Mz A til new year. Except the two days she’ll be back in her hometown . Anybody wanna offer me a place to crash in? xp If she’s allowed to come back to Penang with me for a bit, we might leave earlier. But either ways, we’re gonna celebrate Christmas and probably new year together! =) I shall put up pics of her reaction to the present I got her once she opens it. Can’t say what it is yet, coz she’d read this, then suprise ruined lah. No fun kan. (I know, now you wanna know what it is, right woman?)

Been going for carolling practice the past few days and will be carolling next week. Christmas makes me so very happy. I might fly to KL on the 17th evening so I’d have to miss the last day of carolling, but if I dont take a flight, I’d be going down a day later. I’m going as Santarina again this year. But a very decent one mind you. It’s carolling for north pole’s sake. I’d still be Santarina when we go clubbing closer to Christmas, but a different kinda Santarina. Get the picture?

Gosh! I miss all the bitch/gossip sessions with Mz A! Thank Santa she’s coming back today! =)

p/s : Have I mentioned how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS??