..makes you stronger.

Yes people, it’s Mz. A here, intruding into her space again at 5.49 a.m on the 14th December, 2008. I’m just going to spend some time writing her a personal note, just so she remembers not to take out that 1950s frying pan and shove it on herself (or whack herself with it, either one) because of something that happened that WAS NOT (remember, woman; WAS , and IS NOT.) her fault. Here goes!

It’s always the bittersweet memories in life that moulds us into who we are . Be it in the past, now, or the near (or far) future, it always has an effect on us. Sweet memories are those that we cherish, bad memories are those we TRY to throw away (albeit failing terribly at it- you know :P); but bittersweet memories- they are those that MAKE (or break) us.

And you know those memories that you hold at the moment, they are the ones that made you who you are today.

Stronger. (:

Hold your head up high, woman; because you just deserve to do so.
The everything that you hoped for might just materialize now, but even if it doesn’t, so WHAT? ;)
Remember, although it’s different from any of MY case, it comes down to this.
The bottomline of whatever we talked about?

– If it comes, it comes.
If it doesn’t, we have each other.


I just received your text.
Indeed woman, chicks over dicks.
And I’m proud to have a woman like you who’s like me *cue yellowface smile*.

Now, it’s time for me to retire to bed, and YOU too- and we’ll talk more about whatever tomorrow.

Heart you loads (:
– Mz A (a.k.a. the Ironwoman, no? :P).

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