Chinese peem-po

‘cos we SO, like it.
*shakes head at bimbo gestures*

Mai name is Chinbo.
Ayam Chinese peem-po.

*rolls eyes*

Mz. A here in..duh, my house ( =.=) .
She’s next to me.

……All I can think of now is…I’M SO HAPPY I’M SO HAPPY I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!
*mentally jumps around in circles til Mz.A smacks me so hard that i fall to the ground*

is Chainese peem-po back here.
I’m happy she’s here with me, and she’s going to spend Christmas and New Year with me (let’s hope with the OTHER person as well, no? *winkwink*) – and we had it off to a good start yesterday. Was all happy- and she HAD to doll me up like a..girl , dressing up in her short dress, with thick makeups and curls on my hair and HEELS (as expected, RED ones :P). And we went Times Square so she can actually SEE me in flesh and blood buying a frickin’ short dress as well.

You inport chaibo.
*giggle giggle*

*I have now picked mysef off the ground*
*And now i’m back do jumping and dancing in circles going……..
Can you blame me? We had such an awesome time yesterday!! Shopping! Shisha’ing! Clubbing! And my gosh, wait til I upload the pictures. Everyone would be able to see then. WHAT A PORNSTAR *ehem ehem* is. I duwan to mention names la. But u get who I mean. *cough*MZ. A*cough*. Faham??

stupik inport chaibo.
me no has dat.

Anyway. I looked like a pornstar?

I high.
Everything was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun (fun la, right? RIGHT? RIGHT??? ROAR. *insert bunnyface*) until some stuff cropped up and made me into unholy…nevermind. I had to suck it all in (thank God for D, and GTW (Great Teacher Whee :P) and good, good atmosphere to cool me down).

I’m having a shisha hangover!
(wait, shisha can hangover one meh?*chinbo blinkblink*)

Ya’ll have no idea the things or thing we almost did to somebody’s shoes. MUAHAHAHAH!!! But Mz. A is too kind and understanding for all that crap. so UNFORTUNATELY. I had to NOT do what I wanted to do. But I still wanna go all VOODOO on it before it gets returned. CURSE THE FEET THAT WEAR THOSE SHOES!!! MAY IT GROW MANY MANY CORNS! WARTS! AND BUNIONS!!!!!

Oops, I forgot, I’m here, so I have be like all goody goody and decent and all. “Bless the shoe wearer and all her family and friends, and may they live good happy lives” Believable?

No? XD
Well, I’m bitchirina, anyways :P

*looks at her statement*
she ah, I tiau yew, is no a bitclylina.
she ah wahnderful womanz..
I am chinbo.
Chinese bimbo!

Ok, nevermind. I’m just gonna be civil.
I write good English (:
And please, don’t mind us.
I’ll end this crazy blogpost with a good Christmasy wish to all readers here *like I’m the actual writer la now :P* , and do miss Dylan B when she’s here ‘ won’t have the woman typing much (MUAHAHAHA :P).

Now who said being here in my house = being goody goody and decent?

D&A (:

(chainese peempo talk : we ah can do T-Shirt with a bland laidat. ‘cos got Doche and Kabbana the D&G blend maaaa. whee!)

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