Daily Archives: 231208


Sorry for the lack of updates. I was badly sick for a few days. And I haven’t exactly been sitting in front of the computer the past few days either.

I’m still in KL. Gonna be here til New Year. Just the normal stuff, shopping, food, more shopping, clubbing, MORE SHOPPING!!! XD

We’ve managed to take TONS of pictures though. So i’ll upload em all once i’m back home. The connection here is hopeless! I’d probably die trying to upload anything!!!

-Mz A interrupts with a nice flying kick over her head. ROAR.*

Still a stupid internet connection. So yeah, come back soon.

But just in case any of you have been wondering, or are worried, dont be. Coz i’ve been more than happy the past few days here =) Very very VERY happy!!! Those who know why, know why. HEHE XD