Just the other day

Their eyes met once again, for the first time in forever.
He smiled, she giggled, they hugged.
And as if time had never passed in the first place, they kissed.
They kissed as if they had kissed the day before, or a moment ago.
And there was such a comfort in knowing that they were reunited.
As if it were in someway, meant to be.

They held hands.
They talked. They hugged a little more.
And in the days that followed, they opened up once again to each other.

She didn’t want to stop to think of what would happen after.
All she wanted to do was live in the now.
Coz right there and then, she was happy.

It didn’t matter that the happiness could be pulled away from under her feet like before.
It didn’t matter that she might not see him once more.

All that mattered was that she loved him, and in that moment, she knew he loved her too.

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