I said Goodbye



Yes I said goodbye to last year in style. Partying my high lack of ass off. Although I would have traded that for a nice romantic dinner with someone I loved. But oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait for 2010 for that. So far, the new year’s been good. I’ve been happy. Haven’t done anything stupid that I’d regret. Hopefully the year will stay that way.

I haven’t really thought of my new year’s resolutions yet. I actually haven’t thought of new year resolutions for like, years. I think the last was when I was 12 and told myself I’d score all A’s for UPSR. That’s like a whole decade ago. But this year maybe I’ll set some goals, or make some plans.

I definitely will be concentrating on getting things right this time around. But I haven’t decided on whether to move to KL or Australia or stay here. And whatever I choose is gonna be quite permanent. KL and Penang, not too big a deal, but if I migrate to Australia, running back here every few months isn’t really an option now is it? Quite a big decision, no? Why can’t someone just tell me what to do?

I do know this. 2009 is the year I’m gonna remain single. Alright, you can stop laughing. I really mean it this time. I’m gonna stop trying to move on. And stop forcing love on myself. Hey, whats meant to happen, will happen right. Good things come in time =) Or so I’m praying.

OOOHHHH!!! And I’m gonna turn 21 with a big bang!! I expect to be so high that I wouldn’t even be able to remember the night. Coz after I turn 21, I’m retiring from the whole clubbing and getting high thing. Gotta grow up right. And I want a nice private dinner too. For a change. Close friends. Awesome food. Chill music. Lotsa gossip =) If I do well in saving this year, I’ll so fly weggie down for my birthday. Eeee won’t be the same without her lah.


So yeah, that’s all I know right now. I shall keep y’all updated if I do think of anything else. As always. Bye for now. And once again.


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