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-Here, in my home..
..that’s what it’s all abouuuttttt.

As you can actually ALREADY see, it ISN’T the author typing.
the usual hacker here. Heehee.

MZ A IN THE HOUSE..- wait- or the BLOG, to be precise.

So she doesn’t know what to blog (the usual her lah.) and just kept posting photos of her (and my cacated eyes in those photos all thanks to my cacat eyes and her super bright flash) hence the hacking of ME here (why am I here for anyway if not for THAT reason, right? I can crap like a … um. Crap?).

It’s been a wonderful time knowing her personally and very VERY closely; to the extent of me and another someone being so similar that she just can’t live without us :P.

my amma let’s get crazy,
Seremban got me crazy

I shall not spoil this song for the readers of this blog.
Inside joke. Heheh.

And here’s a public thank you to the blogger herself for all the nonsense we went through together.
Yeah, a certain Mz. A moment happened, and she was there for me.
She probably knows it already, but here and now is another step I’ll take in my effort to let go.
I’m very resigned to the fact that “it” just might not happen, maybe not now.

but after what happened just now, I’m ready to let go if “it” doesn’t happen.
Thank you, woman.
I know it’s hard to see me go through all that (trust me,it’d be the same for me if you were me), but you’re pretty much my Ironwoman when I don’t feel so Iron. Heh.

“ahh-yern woo-man is no haz dat at the moment”.

You’re beautiful, woman.
I love you (:

Here’s the crapper stopping for a ..crap?
And so she’s going to stop crapping in this ..not-so-crappy blog so the author could crap I mean blog for her own :D
Sorry, nonsense filling my head atm.

gossip girl…eh wait
it’s Mz. A ;)

see- she got me addicted to GG now.
Bleargh. what’s next?
*shudders at the thought*