Daily Archives: 120109

Privacy Please

OMG some people SO annoy me!! Haha no, this is not a bitching post, I just needed to let that out. DO YOU ALL NOT ALREADY GET THAT I’M PRETTY RESERVED WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN THINGS?! I will share what I wanna share, when I share it. Ever heard of leaving someone some privacy?? And what is with thinking of me as a middle person?? Once in a while, I really don’t mind. But if you’re gonna ask me why this, why that, what time all. Go ask him or her directly la! Especially if I’ve been told to stay out of things in the first place by that person right. Do you think I wanna have anything to do with it anymore?! GAH! I don’t know when I got so pissy, but yeah, right now I am. Leave me alone, can?? Okay, so maybe it is a little of a bitching post. There are only like 2 people in the world that I’d wanna talk to now, and you should know if you don’t fall in that category.

So, on a less bitchy note, I’m back home again. And when the time is right, I shall explain why I’ve made that choice. But for now, I guess I’ve gotta leave y’all wondering. It’s not that I don’t wanna *jump up and down screaming at the top of my lungs* stating why I’m back, but I just can’t. Faham faham lah right? =)

Thank you for putting up with the bitching.

Hugs and kisses,
Dylan Bitchirina