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My Year in a Few Pictures

This post has been in the drafts for quite some time. Coz I’ve just been too lazy to finish editing all the stuff, but I finally finished it. It’s not the most original way of summing up the 08. And I give credit to (insert name of the person who first came up with it). I haven’t a clue. I just found this so convenient. Coz a picture’s worth a thousand words right.

Happy Birthday Baby

Happy birthday baby
This month makes a year
You’d have presents and a cake
If I’d kept you my dear

You’d be talking and laughing
And have games to play
But instead you’re in heaven
So I just want to say

I love you my angel,
With all of my heart
And I wish we were together
Instead of apart

I imagine your face
And the colour of your hair,
I’d love nothing more than to see you
And tell you that I care

I hope that you forgive me
You should’ve had the chance to grow
I miss you and I love you
I just hope that you know


My life is now my delusion,
A world made of fantasies.
Happiness is no longer the illusion,
My life is my new disease.

No longer waiting to see what happens,
No more waiting on fate.
I will decide where it all ends,
I will show you all my hate.

You claim to be full of anger,
You spread nothing but lies.
Your time in my mind is in danger,
For you are whom I truly despise.

The look in your eyes is hard to handle,
It’s almost something to be feared.
Is this true or just another scandal?
Where is your face–just mine I see mirrored.

Only the dead can come back to life
But why does the living feel so dead inside?