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Too Much To Handle

This update is for you, soulmate. Because you asked for it. Not like I haven’t updated for centuries right? It’s just been 3 days.

The reason I haven’t been really updating is coz i’ve been pretty occupied the past few days. And the moments where I was not, I squeezed in some sleep. Eric and friends came by yesterday morning. Went to get them from the bus stop at about 11 in the morning. I emphasize on the morning part, because, I spent the night before in SS, got back at about 5 and only went to sleep at 8 something, after sort of fighting with you know who. You know who right woman?? Lots of tears, and bla bla bla. You know the drill. Then had to get up 2 hours after that to go get them. That’s why I got back and SLEPT TIL 5 IN THE FREAKING EVENING!

I saw ur response to my plurk. Not my fault okay. I needed the sleep.

Then it was another long conversation with you know who. More crying and all. Wait, don’t panic just yet. So, after all that, got ready to leave for SS again. I’d love to say I didn’t get tipsy, but….LOL yeah. I had a pounding headache by the time I got back home. And then msgd you know who to let him know I was back. Then we had another long conversation. But it was all good. Everything’s settled now. And i’ll explain it all to you in detail once I talk to you in person!

I’ve spent most of today sleeping as well. Til about 3. And i’ve done nothing much since then. You know how I’m so much more active in the night. Oh and I was supposed to go on a “date”. Well not really a date. But sorta. With who? Well I can’t state that here. See just how many juicy stories you’re missing out on over there? XP But I didn’t go on that date lah. Coz i’m such a good girl kan??!!

You should know what’s coming now. And if you don’t, you’re a really sucky soulmate coz you should know me better by now! Hehe. I know you know. Coz what am I without my pictures right?

Talk to you soon woman!
XOXO you know you love me!
*ring any bells?*