She is the SPIDERGIRL !
Hello Peeps !~
This ain’t your usually blogger as i am the special Vvip blogger for today as the official blogger has invited me to post something or anything on her blog but then again i got nothing to write about as i am also cracking my head thinking about everything to blog about on mine… but then i found some pictures and decided that most of you would like to see old pictures of the blogger during her younger days right… ehehe.. well rumours had it that a few years back while in her chemistry lab in smk convent butterwoth, while she was working out her chemistry with the insects because she was too afraid of frogs… Suddenly one of the most venomous spiders around.. the BROODMOTHER ( ehehe from DotA ) escaped from her cage and attack the blogger. Post-Mortem showed that the attack was cause by the level of hornyness of the spider motivated by the blogger. Anyway few weeks later, our blogger was caught by a paparazzi in a similar to Spiderman type of suit climbing the tallest sky scrapper in Penang, KOMTAR and Spiderwoman’s true identity was exposed.

This pictures were kept confidential until today to protect her identity but recently she lost all her power due to too much clubbing !.. I can bet what she’s gonna show me when she reads this ..


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