Some Habits

Yes people, I’m back….!!!

Dad has moved out and I’m at the new apartment, conveniently “borrowing” someone’s connection. Ah, technology. Aren’t we all grateful for it.

So, seriously. Nothing much has been going on over here.

It was a normal Chinese New Year back home. Didn’t visit anyone this year. Was a little too lazy to go out in the daytime. Would have followed dad back to Taiping, if I had known that he was going. Lol. Good communication we have eh? Cousins came down. Filled myself up with food. Collected red packets. The expected routine. Now I’m dieting. To lose the weight I gained in those few days.

Oh and I found out that I have another cousin. Newly born baby girl. 3rd girl in their family. Someone announced it right before CNY, and I swear to heaven that til that moment, I hadn’t even a clue that my aunt was pregnant. Really, what is up with the communication in my family nowadays? The little ones were over yesterday and I still don’t know her name. Tsk tsk.

Jo’s been back the past week and we went clubbing last night, as usual. I’d blog about it, but some people have been telling me to stop clubbing so much. I’m not actually gonna stop, but at least if I don’t really blog about it, ya’ll won’t have to read about it and be worried about my “habits” right. So yeah, no report!

Gosh, I feel so sesat right now. Nothing big. It’s just that I’m sitting by the balcony and it just suddenly got hot. And then I realised it’s coz of the sun. Then I realised, oh, it’s only 3 in the afternoon. That’s when I felt sesat. I’m normally not up by this time. Or on my best days, I would have just woken up you know. But I’ve been up since 9 this morning. Weird. Very weird. Now I don’t know what to do.

Something’s off today.
I just don’t know what.

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