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just in case, woman; it’s a song from Jessica Simpson.

It’s me again, peoples.
Seeing that the owner left her blog unattended all thanks to…crappy (or is it none?) Internet connection, I decided to crash in and update for her (of course with her “woman, you can invade my blog anytime you wish yah?” hint, I can’t resist, right? XP).

Mz. A here, if you DON’T already know.

There’s nothing much to update for her, except the fact that me and her don’t talk as much as we used to.
Yeah, I stole her boyfriend, there was a fallout, we bitch.

*stares at the statement made*
Would you guys actually believe that, coming from the CrapperQueen herself? ;)
(yes woman, i know you’d be laughing at that too :P)

The fact that we don’t talk as much’s due to my eye surgery, the CNY busyness, the lack of credit, AND the loss of my able-to-talk-for-a-freaking-long-time-for-99cents-phone.

*heaves a huge sigh*
Well, on her side, people. She’s been sick. Here’s to DRINKING LOTS OF WATER WOMAN ALBEIT DISLIKING IT and more emotional blackmails if she doesn’t drink water (hehe inside joke again XP..I can so do a Terry Lee :P).

Seriously, woman- we’d so many inside jokes that we tend to forget some when we state some. Get what I mean? Lol.
I think we need a little revision “jahzinkase” we forget ;P

Just come back and remember to dust the blog a little, soulmate ;)
Your readers miss you here.

you know you love me; xoxo.

p/s: i purposely put it sideways. so DON’T COMPLAIN!
my style la, can :P