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I can’t believe I managed to post on Mz A’s blog, and somehow can’t think of anything to say here.

BTW anything in this colour is for you woman. Not that you wouldn’t already know.

It’s that bad that I’ve stared at the screen for so long til my eyes practically started tearing up!
To make things worse, I’ve got my contacts on coz i’m such a genius that I left my glasses at home. Yes people, I’m sorta at home now, but at my dad’s place (where there’s an internet connection) and my glasses are at mum’s place!!

Damn it! I wish I had perfect vision!
Or just one home.
Moving so much over the past 2 years mum-kl-dad-kl-dad-mum-kl-dad-mum, I’ve misplaced and lost a whole shitload of stuff. Not to mention the many times that I’ve left clothes/shoes/makeup at friend’s places and just completely forgotten about it.
If anyone out there has anything of mine that I’ve forgotten about, drop me a msg yeah =)

Except for you lah, coz I purposely leave stuff at your place knowing that I’ll be back. Or rather using it as an excuse so I can go back! Haha. And so you can pakai whatever you want to also =)

Dad’s cooking now and the apartment smells like raw fish and prawns!
It must be really strong, coz I can still smell it despite having a really blocked nose! Gah! Eeww!!
I’d complain a whole lot more if I didn’t love eating seafood. I just don’t like cooking it. Or being around when it’s cooked. Yes, the man who marries me will have to deal with a lot of take out food. Coz I’m not too fond of the kitchen! Well except for like, those instant kinda things. Nothing raw. Ever!

But I know we’ll be staying close enough that I could invite you over to the house and then con you into cooking. Right right?? Hehe. You know you wouldn’t mind anyways kan. Hehehe.

Right now I’m really looking forward to going to KL for a visit.
Althought it’ll be in about a weeks time, I really wanna be there again. I’m quite sure it’s been the longest time that I’ve been away from that place. I really kinda miss everything. And I miss being able to hang out with if you know who, you know who lah.

I know you know xp

That will be all for now.
I actually enjoy certain people guest blogging for me, coz it’s really a pleasent suprise to open my blog and see what has been posted ya’know.
So if you think you fall in that category, and you see my page getting a little dusty, feel free to do so. My email and password are, well, private. So msg me and ask for it =)

And once again, I know you know. Haha.

Ciao readers. Loads of love!



.I think I’m moving but I don’t know where..

Can you imagine how surprised I am when I saw her posting in my blog?
No, seriously.

I was at her blog when I saw her reply to my tag in her tagboard and went to my blog to want to update it right..and then I saw “hello world..”

Purple dinos-I mean- icon. :P

Ok you can stop laughing now.
It’s us lah, woman XP.

See, the moment she’s here in KL again (and hopefully ONE DAY I CAN JUST GO TO WHERE SHE IS. RAWR GOMs.), there’ll be so much talk everyone’s gonna faint (well; obviously, not literally, right) seeing us with our inside jokes and laughing at the same time and looking at something and laughing again and seeing people reacting to our laughing at something but it seems like nothing and laughing at us laughing at each other laughing summore..

And I don’t care if you don’t understand the crap I’m saying.

She’s top of the list, people.
She trump all the boyfriends (and bitches *ahemcoughnonsensedramaticpeoplecoughahem*) and many other things in my life.

So long as she doesn’t give me the ugly green dress on her wedding (you know what I’m saying? :P I know you know lah kan.), I’m cool.

Well, you’d be disturbing me and the OTHER soulmate, since that soulmate’s the chauffeur..so we’d head to THE station (laughlaughdiecoughbloodlaughvomitblood) and pick you up and start laughing at the name of THE station..kan?

We’re cool , aren’t we XP

And I know I’ve so much to catch up, so in that week, you’d probably need to dump your whole laptop in my house for days.
Speaking of which- I’m going to have to reload and call you.
GOM is home till the 17th, so need to figure out houses.
Sorry woman, you know I love you.
GOM is still GOM lah.

Heh, if you don’t already notice the pink font’s my notes to her ( copying her way of blogging in my blog), the pink font’s my personal note to her so if you don’t get it, it’s okay :P

Love you much, woman.
Just take good care of yourself and get yourself safely here.
We’ll figure things out ;)

Always knowin’ that we STILL love each other;
xoxo ;)

Mz.A ♥