A little bit of This and a little bit of That

The stuff in purple is for weggie.

I’m done with my clubbing days for a while.
I’ll do my clubbing in KL, but I’ve more of less had enough of SS. Gotta stay away from it in order to start missing it right. Not that I won’t miss the music and dancing. But I have had enough drinking for a lifetime.

Need proof?

Here are some pictures that I swear I do not remember taking!

Really. I’m not kidding.
There are more in my own camera that I don’t remember.
Will upload those once I get my cable.

Today was shifting day. To the house. Ron went to help, but I didn’t. Coz I’ve been really sick. I do not exaggerate! It started with trying to clean the house, dust and all, so that made me start sneezing badly. Then it caused phlegm, which started to bother my throat. And I do not take medicine. At this point you’d probably think “Okay, she doesn’t like medicine, but she’s not gonna do anything to make things worse”, right? Wrong. Instead of trying to get better, I still had fried food, went clubbing, drank cold drinks, had liquor, and chewed on ice. So after not getting enough sleep over the past few days, I woke up this morning wheezing and having the hardest time trying to breathe. Now I know that if I went over to do the moving, the whole cycle would have started again, coz of all the dust ya’know. So yeah, didn’t go.

Oh and Ron left his keys on the shoe rack at home. And only realised when he got to the lift here. So he called me to check if I had the keys, which I don’t. Coz I don’t stay here and coz I don’t go out in the day time right. So he had to climb over the side and through the kitchen window over the sink. Lol. Somewhere before the time he got in the window, he said that if he fell (which is a 9 storey fall) half his stuff would go to the family, and the other half you could have. But I’m sure you’d insist on keeping everything right? Hehe. It’s ok. All I want is his angpau collection. Got no use for his baju all. And you can definitely have SamSam.

I think I’ve been updating too much. See, that’s what happens when I’m left alone at home with nothing else to do. The Astro’s only getting here on wednesday and my movies haven’t finished downloading. So deal with it. XP


I miss you. And chatting with you.
And I still wish you never left, so we could still be sitting here baking while Ron was at work.

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