Daily Archives: 090209


Sorry for the lack of updates.
I’m on holiday now.
Most probably til Valentine’s Day. Date or not, I’m doing something special.
Not coz I’m a huge fan of generic days created to squeeze each and every penny out of stupid people who buy into it.
But just coz I’m on holiday. And I wanna have a nice end to it.
Well, I’ve actually been on holiday for like forever =)
I’ve got a pretty nice life don’t you think?
But I’m considering this an actual holiday coz I’m away from home and not for any work related crap.

I love holidays =)
Unfortunately they have to end.

Hope to scratch pool and ice skating off my list of things to do, tomorrow.
But it might be a little too much to do in a day. We’ll see how it goes.
I’m having a clubbing free holiday. Or so I’d like to state before Thursday comes.
You never know, with ladies night and all.
I’m tempted really easily.

I should be heading to bed right now, but I can’t, coz I’ve got bad cramps and poofy eyes.
I always end up getting sick every time I have something to do.
Such bad luck right.
I guess it’s in the air right now. Virus and germs all.

And what is up with the weather ?!
Has there been a hotter day in the past freakin year ?!
My gosh! So hot can die!

Anyways I’m gonna go now.
Will be back as soon as I can.
Love love love!