Sometimes I really wonder why I blog.

You have no idea how boring my life really is. I’m not complaining, coz i’ve got it pretty good.
But seriously. Could it BE anymore boring??
Now that I’ve stopped clubbing, really, what do I do?? I was so bored last week that I actually did house chores. On my own free will! I know right. Who would think that I would voluntarily do the laundry, dishes, cooking and house cleaning. Mind blowing!!

Thank heaven for my random trips to KL. Coz without em, I’d probably die of boredome back home. Is it bad when the internet starts to get boring? I stare at screen and surf so much that in the end, there isn’t anything interesting left to do. People don’t update their blogs that often, leaving me nothing to catch up on. Facebook is starting to get pointless. And youtube doesn’t seem to load fast enough unfortunately.

I’ve been so bored today, that after hours of youtubing, I actually managed to find a link to Russell Peter’s new red white and brown on Megavideo. Then I fiddled with the Ipod for an hour while waiting for The Hottie and the Nottie to load. And I don’t even like Paris Hilton!!

I’m so so bored that I wanna work.
But I know the moment I start work again I’m gonna be kicking myself in the ass.
Coz I don’t really enjoy doing work I don’t like.
And it’s not like I can snap my fingers and get a job I love right.

Oh and I just realised. I’m way overdue in the car license department. Sad case when I can’t drive myself places right. I mean, I could. But it’d be illegally again. And Charissa does not do illegal. Anymore. Lol.

Okay. I’m gonna go back to watching Megavideo videos now. Woopee.

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