The past few days have been hectic~

Well not in the I’ve got something to do every moment through the day kinda hectic. Just that most of the plans that were made were all rushed. That kinda hectic, geddit? Lol. Rush to the mall. Rush to go see friends. Rush back home. It’s all good. Just that I wish it wasn’t ALL so rushed ya’know. It’d be nice to chill a little and not worry. But hey, I don’t really wanna complain. Hehe. Besides, I got to hang with won and the daphster.

Slept over at won’s last night. Was there for her dad’s 60th birthday party thing. Hehe. Quite interesting, seeing the older generation have so much fun gambling and playing mahjong. Kinda reminds me of how Chinese New Year used to be back in Taiping, many years ago. And then there was this thing about the fruit cake. Haha. But I don’t wanna explain it here and all lah. So too bad I guess. You’re so not cool in the first place coz you weren’t there to experience it first hand. XP

So, anyone wanna take a guess at where I am now? I know I haven’t stated where. But I’m just so obvious aren’t I? xp

I actually have plans for tomorrow evening. Or a call from someone to confirm plans. Last minute again of course. But I’m not gonna go, coz as I said in the previous post. I don’t do illegal anymore. Although the temptation of it is pretty…err…tempting. Lol. There’s a reason why it’s called an addiction. I suppose the best way to avoid going back to any of that is by staying as far away as I can get. Right?

So instead of that, I’m gonna be spending tomorrow at the daphster’s place. Not sure what we have planned yet. But even if we (and by that I mean, I) spend the afternoon just sleeping in bed, and we don’t go out at all. It’s still gonna be all fun.

Coz we’re just cool like that! xp

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