I’m back home now. After a good 10 day holiday. Well it wasn’t all good. But that’ll be a story for another day. Yeah. Haven’t been clubbing in almost a month with the exception of lounge III. But that totally doesn’t count. Coz I barely spent any actual time inside.

I haven’t been doing anything much here coz I’ve sorta been sick since I got back. I’ve had the worst migraine ever. And I have no idea what’s causing it. Too lazy to go see the doctor. And too stubborn to take medicine. It’ll go away by itself I guess.

Right now I have no mood to update. Or do anything at all.

I wanna go for a swim. But I have to walk all the way to the pool, which is at the other block. And like I just said, I have no mood to do anything.

Gah. I wanna fix things. But I don’t even know what’s wrong!!!

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