the GIRL is in the mood to shop!!

Yes, I’m a shop-a-holic. When I want to be. It’s not like I have to all the time. But if you leave me in a mall, that’s it. There’s no stopping me from spending like mad. I think that’s why sometimes I’d just rather stay home quietly and do nothing. Coz I always end up feeling bad for spending after I’m done shopping.

Take for example, my last trip to KL. Went to Lalaland with Pineapple, and we were supposed to basically look for some nose ring for her, but I ended up buying a shitload of bangles. And then on the way back from Lalaland, right before our transport came, I ended up doing more shopping. Without even planning to! It was more or less just a stop-over. Til I realised that my pay had been banked in and that was it. Lol. Pineapple would totally testify to my shopping madness. There really wasn’t anything she could have done to stop me even if she wanted to. Not that she tried anyways.

Shopping makes me happy.
And me being happy makes her happy.
Therefore, shopping makes her happy.

So after that, I went back to Lalaland that night itself alone to kill time while waiting for banana, and I bought like this really cute top, and an awesome dress. Awesome coz it’s purple, and I’m currently really liking purple.

Like duh right!!

That’s not the end of it! The next day Pineapple and I went back to the same damned place with fruitcake. Everything was going well coz we were there so early that there weren’t any shops opened yet. So we just spent our time in Starbucks. Which we all knew was mostly for Pineapple and Fruitcake. Coz I don’t really wake up early, like ever.

That’s how much I sayang you, tau. No matter how much you annoy me and stuff. XP

So yeah, as I was saying, everything was going well til Banana got there and we started to walk around. With all the shops opened then, what do I do? Go bangle crazy!! I know I don’t need that many bangles. Just like I don’t need that many pairs of earings when I can only wear 2 at a time. But I can shop if I want to right?? I knew I wasn’t gonna be happy til I had like, all the colours of the rainbow. I wanna say I felt bad for the fruits that had to wait for me, but I know they love me. So I don’t have to feel bad. Right? *smooches the fruits*

Eeeee…I wanna go back to KL and go back to Lalaland with Pineapple. So we can just walk around for like, hours! We still have to go ice skating. And well, do a lot more stuff!! I also wanna hang out with Won and Haire and go to Sunway Lagoon and Genting and KLIA. You both save up so we can go on my next trip there kay =)

And Pineapple, if you’re reading this, (and I know you probably are) you suck! Move out! LOL!! I’m still waiting for the day where you’re out and I can just crash with you and we can do whatever we wanna do, whenever we wanna do it. Yes, that means clubbing as well!! No excuses no more!!!

I shall stop my post here and go fix Pineapple’s blog.


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