…the post in my blog which’s full of crap and how awesome you are is just plain … obnoxious lah, right. You nonsense woman. Do you know that my blog is NOT hackable? You just came in and wrote a storm. How could you?! Even I don’t do these kinda ssht. You …you… *inserts angry sounds made*!!!!!

You know it’s plain rubbish, right? XP
Since you titled my post as “rubbish“, I’m going to throw horsepoo/crap/shit/rubbish here as well.
Right? XP

This woman came into my blog earlier and wrote a storm. With my pictures in them while conveniently stating how awesome she is , and what she does to her Pineapple (me, if you don’t get it by now. Go see a doc. He might help you improve your reflexes- ..or not. Just kidding :P).

So anyway..I’m here in her blog with all gratefulness; because my sacrifices for her can never amount to what SHE does for me. If you know her well enough, you’d know she can be a HUGE ass bitch lah, right- and she has a million and one bitchirina attitude in her ; which she definitely DOESN’T mind showing if you strike a nerve in her *coughsomepeoplecough*.

This is my first time too, blogging with a blogger’s block- because I don’t know what to write.
I was about to write a post on how much I did for her, but as I was writing, I couldn’t help but to erase them all- because like I said, what I did can NEVER amount to what she did for me. The travelling, the taking care of me, the ..EVERYTHING. All I did was basically spending time with her waking up in the wee hours of the morning and nothing more.

well- perhaps there’re more, Mango; but I think what you did- physically, emotionally, intellectually for me ‘s the world, if compared to what I do for you. Yet being the soulmates we are, I know that you’d prolly chide me for comparing in the first place. Lol!

So here’s a thank you post , my dear Mango; in all futility to find words to express how thankful I am to have you- because words can never sum it all up!

Thank you, woman;
– for being there when I needed a place to crumble onto;
– for the crazymadass drunk moment, and not slapping me. And taking care of me- and taking the crap from my parents;
– for the travelling all the way from north to south for me
– for putting up with my crap. my emotional rollercoaster nonsense..when I doubted our friendship. And overreacted.
– for making truth sink in a way or another.
– for sacrificing your sleeping hours for me and fruitcake
– for being YOU.

For all you’ve done, for all you’re going to do;
woman you know you mean the world to me, and I love you!

Here ends this blogger’s-block post I ‘ve been trying to write for the past so many hours..
Woman you amazing.
Now I’m the one getting blogger’s block.

Pineapple. apple. apple.apple. appleeee.

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