Sophie turns 21

This post goes out to a wonderful girl.

One whom I’ve known closely for the past 6 years.

We’ve been through ups and downs. Have laughed and cried together. Seen each other at our best and worst. She’s the one that I know I could always run to and share all my secrets with. And even though we don’t meet that often anymore, it always feels like the good old times when I’m out with her.
Heck I even have a little reminder of her tattooed on me. If any of you have wondered what the numbers on my barcode stand for, the 0803 part is today’s date. Her birthday.
That is us, exactly 2 years ago. On her 19th. She turns 21 today.
And I’d give anything to celebrate it with her.
Happy Birthday Sofy!
I heart you!

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