Dear women.

To the one who gave me life, brought me up and saw me through all my rebelliousness.
Thank you. For always giving me the best you could in life and being ever so patient with me all these years. For teaching me what I had to learn. For waking me up on those impossible mornings for school. For having those awkward talks that I could have with no one else. For sharing my happiness of finding love and understanding the pain of losing it. For going through it all with me once more after that. For sharing all your make up and perfume and clothes and shoes so generously. For pushing me when I needed it. For scolding me when I had to learn. For forgiving me for the mistakes I made and for loving me unconditionally. You are on the top of my list because you are the one person that I’d never be able to replace. Thank you Mummy. From the bottom of my heart. I love you and miss you. Very much.

To the one who has taken care of me without expecting anything in return.
Thank you. For the many days when I’ve felt alone, that you were there to watch tv with me. Thank you for the trips out to buy me food that I love. For the random cash you’d pass me even though you needed it yourself. For caring so much. For never getting mad. For waiting up for me at night when I got back late. For waking up in the mornings to make sure I got up on time. For calling everyday just to make sure I was okay. Thank you Grandma. And even though I know you’re never going to read this or truly understand how much I appreciate you, I’m typing this anyways. Coz I can’t have a list dedicated to the women that matter to me, without you.

To the best friends who were there through my schooling years.
Thank you. For being true friends. For caring enough about me to tell me the hard truth, no matter how much it hurt. For letting me make the choices I made, and then being right there when I realised they were mistakes. For standing up for me. For the support and advice. And for the endless hours of happiness. Thank you J, S, C, H, Z, A. I would have been so much more miserable if I didn’t have you bunch around to get me through those days.

To the one who has came and gone. And came and gone again. And again.
Thank you. For the times that you were there. For the nonsense that you did with me. For the first cigarette we had. For the late nights. For the sneaking out. For being my lookout on the many occasions we crazy climbed. For being my getaway. For getting in trouble coz of that. For being there those months that mattered. For teaching me about trust. Thank you Paris. Despite all the bad times we’ve had, I wouldn’t give up those memories for anything. Or the tattoo either.

To the little one.
Thank you. For spending all that time with me. For killing the boredom. For the cooking, and baking, and dough making. For the trips to the CC. For the walk back from it. For the clubbing. And being my single friend, despite not being single. For the company on really boring days. For talking to me about boys when I needed to. For understanding how I felt about him. For knowing I never got over it. For helping me get back the one thing that mattered. For being the sister I always wish I had. Thank you Weggie. I shall say again, as I have said many times before. You will always be family.

To the loved one of my loved one’s loved one.
Thank you. For understanding exactly how it feels. For being free to hang out, so it wouldn’t be awkward. For letting me stay over. For the white top a whole year ago. For the interesting stories and never ending entertainment. Thank you Won. I know you’re gonna be there for what’s gonna feel like forever. Coz it’s gonna be the four of us. Isn’t it.

To the latest addition to my list of women that matter.
Thank you. For the talks on MSN. For the haha moments. For the inside jokes. For the fun crazy times. For being there and taking care of me. For the home away from home. For the cupcakes, pancakes, pasta, coco crunch and honey. For the clothes, shoes, make up, shampoo, soap, hairbrush, towel, bed, comforter. For the endless list that follows after that. For the late nights and early mornings. For the sneaking out and sneaking in. For the calls. For the time spent. For being the first person I know I could call when I needed to. And for answering those calls, no matter what time it was. Thank you Pineapple. I know that as time goes by, the list will only get longer. And I’m thanking you in advance now, for the ngehehe moments I’m sure we’re gonna have in the future.

To the other wonderful women that have played a part in making my life amazing.
To the girls that have gone clubbing with me. To the teachers that have helped me learn. To the friends that grew up by my side. To the ex girlfriend. Thank you. And I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten to mention anyone. It is not that I underestimate the change every single individual brings to my life. But for now, I’m ending my list here.

I realise that my international women’s day post comes a day too late. But it’s because I’ve spent the day guest blogging for some of the wonderful women I’ve mentioned.

To the guys out there that mean a whole lot to me too. I love you all as well. But I’m sorry, today’s just not your day. I guess you’re just going to have to wait til November 19th.

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