10 things about the person who tagged you

1. She’s Weggie. My Weggie. Yes, only I am allowed to call her that.
2. She calls me Fatso. Coz she like, thinks I’m fat.
3. She’s my brother’s gf. She makes that very very known.
4. She is also known as the little one. Coz she’s tiny. And always will be.
5. She baked/made jelly/cooked/ with me when we were bored.
6. She’s somewhere far far away. And doesn’t chat with me anymore!
7. She’d probably read this and go “You don’t chat with me also what”
8. She is one of my more prominent blog readers. Coz she leaves comments on my shoutbox. And makes her presence known. Unlike a lot of my other readers.
9. She likes a lot of stuff that I like. That’s why we get along. And she’s like, bitchy. Just like me too!
10. She’s coming back in August!!!

10 things about Me

1. I blog. Lol.
2. I’m very lazy when it comes to trying to describe myself.
3. I think you should already know me well enough by now to not need me to make this list.
4. I’m still gonna complete this list anyways, coz I’ve got nothing better to do anyways.
5. I like music. And dancing. But I’ve recently stopped clubbing.
6. I’m 21 this year. It’s a huge deal. I expect presents. Actual presents.
7. I’ve recently fallen in love with shopping all over again. I quit for a while, but now I need new stuff.
8. I’m independent when I have to be. But I love having people ‘baby ‘ me. Just like Pineapple does.
9. I can be very secretive when I want to be. I lie very well too. You can only tell if you know me really well.
10. Simple things make me happy. Really. I’m actually really easily pleased.

I tag

1. Weggie
2. Pineapple
3. Won
4. Esther
5. Steph

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