KL & Cameron Highlands

Finally! I’m back!

I know, y’all wanna know how the Camerons trip was right. The reason I haven’t written a post on it is cause, there’s nothing much to report on it. Lol.

I slept most of the way up so that I wouldn’t throw up. And after about 2 hours of being in the cold weather up there, I got hit by a case of the really-annoying-blocked-nose-flu. The entire first day and most of the second day was split between sleeping and watching DVDs. I had my strawberries with whipped cream and all. But I felt too sick to do any visiting. So, no strawberry farm or tea plantation. Seriously, all the remaining strength I had was put into making sure I took breaths, before I dropped dead from forgetting to do so. I slept the whole way down as well, cause the road’s the way it is and I really couldn’t take it. But overall I guess I’d say that I still enjoyed the trip, coz it was in some ways, really relaxing. Totally stress and worry free. Exactly what I needed.

Haha and I guess you should then know by now, that I didn’t really have the energy to take many pictures. Wish I did. But then again, I didn’t have Pineapple with me to go all “Let’s take pictures!” you know. Speaking of which, here’s what I saw in my drafts when I got back to dad’s place and logged on to my blogger.

“She’s missing because apparently, someone’s sick after Cameron Highlands. And overdosing having to fill herself with cough/flu medication, she is constantly drowsy.

So without shame and uh, hesitation in any sense (will I ever hesitate to intrude here…NO?), I’m intruding to update on behalf of her.. which isn’t much updates, actually ; she’s just resting, resting, and resting. And she’s currently not in the mood to answer calls or anything, so please leave her alone. Thank you.

Okay, that’s bullshit :P Oh well, I really don’t know what to update”

Haha. Shows how much she understands me lah.
Coz that’s exactly whats been going on here since I’ve gotten back. I’ve still been sick. And tired. And well, just not feeling very well. I wanted to get online to update my poor lil blog. But there’s nothing much to update on.

The only time I went out in the past week was to go back to Dato Onn to have a look at the drama practice. I was really involved in the past years (with the exception of 2008, cause I was in KL) and I just wanted to go have a look-see. Being back there was really fun. And I realized how much I miss drama and being able to sit back and criticize stuff and knowing that I do make a difference in some ways. Haha. If any of that made sense.

I’m now back home with an assignment to fix up the script and play. Although the competition’s less than 2 weeks away and we all know that there’s no way Dato Onn would win, at least by fixing it up a little, we wouldn’t totally make a fool out of ourselves. I include me in the ‘we’ cause I used to be in Convent (our competitor) but I’m gonna be going on the 31st as a Dato Onn supporter. If the play totally sucks then malu lah kan.

I guess that’s about all I’ve got to update on so far. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Sofy the one week that she’s back in Penang. And probably another random trip to KL to go see Pineapple. I’ve gotta admit. I sure do have a lot of fun hanging out with her. Even though we don’t travel the world and stuff, we still have fun doing the crap we do. With a whole lot of it involving her oh-so-famous-by-now mirror.

Til next time…
Adios amigos!!

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