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I haven’t been getting enough rest.
And I’m in real dire need of sleep now.

But I can’t fall asleep.

I wish my boyfriend was here to put his arms around me and make it all go away.

I miss you baby.

Always Next Year

So, taddaaa!! That’s the 2009 Dato Onn drama team. Minus my brother and I. And today, we went to battle. Lol. Well it wasn’t really a battle, seeing as how our goal was more to not humiliate ourselves than to win it. I think it’s been a constant Dato Onn motto to “aim to win next year”. I’ve been so hyped up over it, that I’ve already started on my idea and script for next year’s play. Simply because it’s like the last year that I’m gonna be doing drama and I wanna put an end to the school’s losing streak before stopping. Leave my mark you know. Haha.

For the past 4 years, I’ve done more or less the same thing. After I’m informed very last minutely about the drama, I fix the script completely. Then I show up to help with the acting. And on the actual day, I cover myself in make up and glitter, glamouring them up for the stage. It’s become quite a routine. But I can’t say I really mind. I’ve always loved drama and all the ups and downs that comes with it.

I’m already missing this morning. Although I hated the part of it where I had to wake up freaking early and take the bus to school!! I had to be there and unfortunately Ron had to wait for the car and come later. Curse public transport!!

My drama babies. Lol. Them messing around before the drama started. And guess what the girls did to my brother as revenge. Done guessing??

Haha. Well here’s the award winning picture! =)
Coz a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Love it? I do. I wouldn’t give up my drama memories for well, almost anything.
And next year, we’re so gonna win!

Good ol’ Days

Sorry for the lack of updates again people. I just really don’t have an internet connection. So yeah. Unfortunately there won’t be updates that often for the next few months.

So here’s some of the stuff I did last week.

Hung out with Roy after about 2 years of not meeting. Went out to the mall and basically ended up sitting at McD for a few hours. Catching up on what’s happened and reminiscing about the “good ol days”.

Ah. The good ol’ days. Those and the many many more.

Then, I went to KL. For like 2 days. And I didn’t really do anything much there. Met up with Pineapple. Hung out a bit. Unfortunately if was the day before she got her Rihanna style haircut. So I haven’t seen it yet. Pineapple, if you’re reading this, upload some pictures fast k!