Good ol’ Days

Sorry for the lack of updates again people. I just really don’t have an internet connection. So yeah. Unfortunately there won’t be updates that often for the next few months.

So here’s some of the stuff I did last week.

Hung out with Roy after about 2 years of not meeting. Went out to the mall and basically ended up sitting at McD for a few hours. Catching up on what’s happened and reminiscing about the “good ol days”.

Ah. The good ol’ days. Those and the many many more.

Then, I went to KL. For like 2 days. And I didn’t really do anything much there. Met up with Pineapple. Hung out a bit. Unfortunately if was the day before she got her Rihanna style haircut. So I haven’t seen it yet. Pineapple, if you’re reading this, upload some pictures fast k!

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