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5 o’clock in the morning, and why am I still up? Coz i’m a bloody coward. That’s why.

I was so bersemangat to get horror movies. I put it on to watch, watched it halfway, and put it off. OH MY GOD. It’s been so long since I’ve watched a horror movie that I’ve completely forgotten how creepy it leaves you feeling. I couldn’t even think of watching it to the end. And how then was I gonna fall asleep in the dark, with the balcony door open, without crying!

So now I’m watching Slumdog Millionaire to forget about the horror just so I can go to sleep. It’s actually a really good show. I might just stay up to watch the whole thing.

Oh and I’ve also decided to change my titles. To like, well, anything I wanna.

Gonna start Project 365 soon. Shall explain it when I start it =)


This weekend, I could be scuba diving, exploring amazing coral reefs or bumming my ass off in a cute little chalet on Pulau Tioman, for free. But no, I have to work. And instead of taking an interesting ferry ride there, I’ll be stuck in a car traveling to Johor. Boy am I looking forward to my ass getting all numb. Sigh.

I want a bloody holiday!! Argh!!

And you know what else I found out? I could have been flying to Phuket mid year, but again, NO, I’m not. Who’s regretting the decisions they’ve made in the past few months? I am.

Phuket damn it!! PHUKET!!!



I’ve had a lot of time to think about everything that’s happened, and the stuff that has yet to come. And I realise, There is no winning if I don’t find it in myself to forgive you. There would be no moving on. And that would do no good. For either of us. So here’s what I have to say.

Thank you for being a part of my life for as long as you were. Thank you for teaching me to believe in love, to live by it. Thank you for the many times you cared. And thank you for the many things you shared.

In all honesty, it was never easy being with you. But it was certainly a ride I don’t regret. Despite the fights, the pain, the stupidity. I truly believe that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. And I mean it in the best way possible. It is you, who thought me that the world was much bigger than just myself.

You are still the most amazing person I know. You are still the person I love. You are still the one. But I’ve come to accept that that doesn’t mean we’d always be together. Right now, I’m glad we’re friends. As for the future, I don’t know what it holds. But I sure hope this friendship lasts a lifetime.


My Taurus’s get older.

Today makes me sad.

Mummy turns 46. Ron turns 18. Happy Birthday.

It’s days like these that makes me wish things weren’t this way.

I miss you mummy.


I know!! Finally some pictures!!! Right.

I’ve finally had the time to upload, resize, photoshop and crop all the recent pictures, so here are some of em.

Here’s the ones from KL.

Yer. How come my head looks so big next to Won’s head? So weird lah. My head’s that big meh?

And here are some randoms from the Standard Chartered Run Your Race 2009.
Go sign up HERE can.