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Corntoz Pillow Fight
More than 60 countries are taking part this year.
Read more about it here : http://www.pillowfightday.com/
And yes, KL’s having it too this year.
Click here for more info on it.
And here to join the event on facebook.

If I make it to KL on the 4th, I’d be sure to take part.
What’s stopping you? Go on and have some fun this weekend.


I hate the internet. Or wifi. Or my lappie. Whatever it is that’s making it impossible for me to stay logged on to msn. Stupid whatever! I’ve been trying to get connected the past few days. And in the end, I’m left with no choice but to get on meebo. And the sucky part of being on meebo is that after chatting up a storm, my computer gets low on virtual memory and starts to hang. Then by it’s own choice, shuts off my firefox. Damnit!!

Now Pineapple’s got her internet back. Weggie needs to chat. And I can’t friggin get on. I’m apologizing publicly here them and whoever it is that I’ve promised to chat with, for not being able to get on msn. Sorry la ha. If I knew how to fix the problem, I would. The problem (whatever it is), is so horrid that I haven’t been able to upload pictures onto facebook as well.

Eeewww!! Dad’s cooking prawns. Or fish. And the smell of it’s rawness is making me queasy. Wait. Even the smell of the butter frying makes me wanna puke!! Eewww. I’d go out to the balcony if I could, but then I wouldn’t be able to watch Idol now. I don’t like the apartment anymore. There’s no proper ventilation. Can die.

Oh and I think I’m addicted to yogurt. I’ve had like, 3 cups today itself. Okay, so maybe I know I’m addicted to yogurt. Haha. Well at least if I go on an all yogurt diet, I’ll lose weight right? But I kinda need solid food as well. No? Tsk tsk. Diets are confusing. I’m confused. I’m gonna go now and try to get on msn. Or meebo. Or live messenger or something.

The fried fish smells like McD chips.
Oil. Eeeww.
And the spices are literally burning my eyes.

I wanna go out now la.
Watch a movie.
Confessions of a Shopaholic anyone??


..I update her blog.


Woman’d been slightly “missing” from my life lately due to her drama practices and all that so here I am dropping a post telling her that I MISS HER LIKE GILABABICANDAI (wahaha :P).
And I posted my short haired pic over my blog already, so because I’m so darned lazy to link my page, just go to her sidebar and look for “pineapple”. You shall find me there..and comment please and thank you? ;)

Oh woman, listen to Forgive Me by Leona Lewis. And the lyrics.
It spoke volumes..and the melody of the song makes me SO happy I don’t know why.

Yes, indeed music heals your soul ;) (or mine, in that context).

Oh btw, um; are things good..as in good, good?
I am sure u get what I mean here, woman.

My, my.
I don’t have a bikini, woman.
No, it’s not random.
I’m also here to entrust u my blog (publicly :P) because I’m off to Redang.

Beach babeeee!!!
I wish for a time like this with you that I can PARTAY with you all night long!

Woman, after that night, I’m so resolved.
And I am HAPPY!
And I love you (:

(this time in PINK lah ok?)
Pineapple (: