Hello people!! =)
This is the weggie! A.k.a Chrissie Pereira. Im not on the wrong blog blogging, im guest blogging. Aint nothing wrong with that.
I really have no idea of what to blog. And woman doesn’t reply my fb or my chatterbox thing.
Probably she duk manjaing and sayanging u-know-who lah kan. Hmm. I’m quite sure she would be surprised that i guest blogged for her. I have been asked twice. But never really wanted to blog because my own big fat blog also i just tak peduli sometimes. Well yea, gotta get back on track and start blogging like usual. I’ve blogged today. *proudly said*
So yea, to the woman, my fatso, my hopefully-if-everything-go

Woman! Hope ur having a nice time there. And yes, please be surprised I blogged on ur blog which also means guest blogging. *saja wanna make u dizzy*
When u go online, can u pls like help me with photoshop ar? I’m using adobe photodeluxe home edition la. And it’s like cant do much. I want like u punya. Syok gila babi baby wan lah…. Oh yea and I blogged. And I’m gonna start blogging more often lah.
So now I’m goin off. And so happy easter sister! Love u loads and miss u a lot!

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