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I know!! Finally some pictures!!! Right.

I’ve finally had the time to upload, resize, photoshop and crop all the recent pictures, so here are some of em.

Here’s the ones from KL.

Yer. How come my head looks so big next to Won’s head? So weird lah. My head’s that big meh?

And here are some randoms from the Standard Chartered Run Your Race 2009.
Go sign up HERE can.


I’m a reality show freak. My days consist mostly of…

Yeah. I like reality shows. I follow them insanely. Whether I think it’s pointless or stupid, it’s still quite entertaining. And at least it’s real people. Sometimes things really get funny.

I know I’ve got tags to do, but I really dun feel like doing em now lah. Sowwee.


You know that feeling, when you’ve lost him and thought no way you’d ever see each other again.
Then he messages you and tells you that he wishes you could be friends.
Well yeah. It’s amazing. It makes me smile.

It made me smile just today.

Thank you, You.