Yes, I’m blogging at freakin 7 in the morning. Mark this date on your calender. It is not something that’s gonna happen like, ever again probably. I’m sitting somewhere in central *which I shall not mention, just for fun* and I’m gonna be here til like the afternoon. I had no idea central had so many people early in the morning. I suppose it’s mostly people going off to work or school but it just never hit me before, people actually are out this early, daily. Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve had to be up everyday so early for work or school. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had to be up so early. Even when I was back in school.

Err…pardon my random rambling. It really is too early for me to be up. So how do you figure my brain would be functioning now? Lol.

Well, since I feel like just going on now, I’m gonna. If you don’t like nonsense, don’t read on la. Easy. But really, it’s gonna be really nonsense. Since I’m blogging in between chatting and facebooking. So I don’t even remember what I’ve been talking about. Oh well.

My stomach’s grumbling now. Coz I haven’t had anything to eat. But I don’t have any appetite in the morning anyways. I want the banana chocolate chip muffin thingy from starbucks. Anyone knows what time the starbucks here opens? I would go there to check but then I wouldn’t be able to come back here and sit. And well, we all know I’m too lazy to walk over there now, just to find out it’s not opened yet.

The crowd’s clearing now. I guess people are leaving for work now. And students for school. I don’t know who else in their right mind would be up now just for fun. Got ah people like that? Saja saja wake up at 7 to go hang out with friends. I do my hanging out after 12 wan.

Pineapple’s birthday is coming up. Actually it’s tomorrow. But coz my ass will be leaving for Johor tonight, I won’t be able to celebrate it with her. NOT LIKE YOU CAN GET OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE TO HANG OUT WITH ME RIGHT?! Now I have to go buy her presents. Woman, I duwan can? I have no moods to go shoppings without chu. AND YOU SEE, I PUT IN RED OKAY. AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I DON’T LIKE THIS COLOUR ON MY PAGE!! Aiya. I just give you more earing la horr. Since I got so many and you’ve got a ton of catching up to do =)

Yay. Thank god at least Weggie’s online now. Then I’m kept occupied. Or else I’ll just be rotting here. I swear I’d probably fall asleep on the laptop without her. Despite the time difference. She’s the one that’s up temaning me. What are all my other friends for ah? XP

I think I’m gonna head over to Starbucks now. I’m guessing it’ll be open by now.

Eh, I just realised it the 1st of May. Not labour day meh? That means people aren’t going to work lah. How come central still so pack ah? -_-“

I’m useless in the morning!

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