Nonsensical blah blah-ing Moments

I’m up. At such an ungodly hour. Coz dad’s up watching the MU match. And screaming his lungs out! You tell me how to sleep.
Everything’s been good here.
I had my period of confinement, so to say. And I’ve made an almost full recovery. And trust me when I say that it’s so close to being a full recovery, that I’ve even managed to shock myself. Who knew it’d turn out to be that easy after all?
And now I’m, infatuated.
After all the unnecessary drama, it feels so refreshing to know that I don’t have to worry about all that crap anymore. Makes me wonder how I was stupid enough to put up with it for so long leh.
Things with him are so easy. No worries, no fuss. Amazing how things just fell into place the moment I told myself I’d let go. I’m just so happy now. Truly.
Yes. Even you can tell how infatuated I am. Right?
Hehe. Not my fault you know. Sometimes some people just come along and make the sun shine bright again.
Okay, maybe that was taking it a lil too far. But wth. I get to say what I want to.
Now I miss the “nonsensical blah blah-ing moments” we had before all the nonsence. Pineapple, I’m ready to pick up where we left off. Once I fix my stupid fruitcake of a camera. Or not no pictures beh syok mah. Our FB pics also sudah ketinggalan zaman already. I suka ur short hair. I want to put pictures of it up. I see juu in one weeks time =) You make sure you free ah.

Oh and woman. Fruit. Soulmate. Whatever.

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