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So here are some updates. Since I’ve been missing for a while.

Work’s been good. It comes and goes seeing as how I’ve chosen such an unstable line. And I’m picky with what I choose to do. But it’ll only be til end of this month. Then I’m switching to something else. Y’all know how I love not sticking to jobs. Yes it’s a disease. And I’m insisting on it being genetically inherited from my dad.

I’ve also been under the sun a whole lot lately. And I’m getting a tan. Which I don’t mind when I’m by the beach and the tan can be evened out. But this is so not by the beach and its just plain annoying. Although I do like the idea of being a lil darker. And I figured I’d dye my hair black again. Do you know it’s been like 4 months since I haven’t done anything with my hair. That’s gotta be some kinda record for me.

Oh and I’m typing with one hand now. Coz I’m such a klutz that I indirectly directly put my left hand in the way of a ceiling fan. 3 seconds a lil too late, I realised I was in pain and my fingers started to pound like they’d been smacked by a solid hard frying pan. Now finger 3, 4 and 5 are cut, bruised and swollen. Few weeks ago I stapled my own finger. And now this. Thank god at least I didn’t break a nail. Yes, I know that was such a bimbotic thing to say. But hey. Most girls would have been in tears already and I wasn’t. So kudos to me. I don’t care if u think I’m so full of myself. I know I am thank you.

I’ve also been spending a crazy amount of time online and on the phone over the past week. It’s been amazing getting to talk to those who matter again, just like old times. And if you were them, you would have personally felt my happiness and heard my random giggling. Really random giggling. It’s been great. But here comes the highest bill of my life! Lol okay. I exaggerate. I’ve had MUCH higher bills.

But who cares right. I’ve been happy. Much happier than I can remember being in a really long time. And I’m not just happy solely coz someone else has managed to brighten up my day. I’m happy coz I’m contented. With myself. With the situation. With a whole lot of things. I guess there really is nowhere else to go but up. Gone are my days of being sad and pitiful. I am so superwoman right now. Or at least I feel like it. And no, this is not the last time you’d catch me bragging about my happiness. Not by a long shot.

Well, that’s all for now. I don’t care if you think I’m random. Or silly. Or say stupid things. Or don’t make any sense. The people who love me, love me for who I am. Regardless =)

And I love y’all too!