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Alma Gemela (:

That’s soulmate in Spanish, btw (:

And knowing this isn’t the way she writes, you’d know it’s me. If you don’t know who I am, you should be ashamed to call yourself a reader of this page, I won’t even spend time elaborating =P

Anyways, woman ; here’s a note, since it’s been awhile since I dropped by a little something in this space (and vice versa no?). I know all’s good on your side and you’re going to trump through all that you go through, ‘cos you know yourself that you’re a trooper (: always are, and always will be. You know that.

Albeit facing my own personal conflicts in life and sometimes disagreeing with what you do, you know that you have my 150% support behind you all the time ; so long as it’s right. And being the logic/brainiac behind the Pineapple-Mango / D&A friendship we have, I won’t say it’s always easy to support you ‘cos I know the crap we’ve to go through once you step on crap (if ever you do :P)- and I’m not the exactly the noble-est person alive on earth, but I know what makes you happy matters to me.

Always do, always will be.

I did “magical” things to my hair; like cut it into THAT bob, and dyed it violet red. But since I don’t have YOUR camera (my cacat phone camera, yes yes), so I took the pic of my hair in a very.. weird way I guess. I shall post it here for your viewing pleasure. And when I can get hold of a good camera I shall take a good pic of my hair, alright. Lol.

Here goes. You just have to imagine the rest of my hair in this colour XP

unedited, so you can see it as it is. Nobody to take my pics for me lah woman.
But seriously, that’s the colour of my hair now.
In a pixie-bobcut.

Love you woman. Take good care there.

Tu alma gemela,