There They Go

Yes, we went skating. Haha. It’s literally been about 10 years since we went skating. I got so used to ice skating that it just felt weird being on wheels again. Lol. But nevertheless, we had fun. And I only fell once. Yay me! =)

Gerard falling. Lol. He started off by falling. ALOT. But got better towards the end of the few hours. And he also found a “friend” in the process XP

Damn champion picture. Lol. Trying to be retro lah.

And below would be THE picture of the day. Super brilliant idea.

We got cold in the cinema. And Gerard whipped out his new bedsheet pillowcase set. And taddah! XP Problem solved. We were cold no more. Haha it’s like watching a movie, awesome screen and sound system all, but with the comfort of home. Hehe

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