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In psychiatry, a sexual perversion in which sexual arousal and orgasm depends on the partner being scarred, marked, tattooed or pierced.
Haha. Hell yeah! I’m completely aware of how guys with tattoos turn me on! Lol. Piercings don’t affect me much anymore nowadays. But chest tattoos are the bomb. Provided the tattoo is on a hot guy la! Duh. Actually, any tattoo on a hot guy is well, HOT! *drools*
I know this is totally random. And I can’t explain why I have a thing for that. But I just realised how big a difference it makes in keeping me interested you know. And I thought I’d share it with the world.
Oh and I love guys with solid arms and calves.
Shall continue day dreaming now. Ta.


Comparisons are easily made once you’ve had a taste of perfection.
But then again, what and who defines perfect?
I beg to differ.
There is no perfect.
It is what you can live with and can’t live without that makes a difference.
I’m falling.
Not too fast, not too hard.
But nevertheless, falling.

It’s quite a wonderful feeling really.