So apparently, even my tiny lil paragraph on MJ’s passing managed to offend someone. So much so that I was bombarded by offline msn messages. This is one of the few.

“I dont apreciate your post.. get ur facts right b4 u blab… he turned white bcoz he had a skin disease called Vitiligo. so the best he could do is go for a depigmentation.. theres pics of him during the period where his disease was at the peak and u could see white patches at several places of him. and the molestation thing was just blood suckers trying to rob michael. “

And even left a link to prove that said blood sucker admitted to it all.

Unfortunately, the link, doesn’t seem to get me anywhere. So too bad. No proof.

And just before anyone, or you, get all pissed at me for saying what I said, I never once mentioned that I hate MJ or anything right. All I said was that he died to me a long time ago. And therefore I do not feel the need to dedicate a whole post to him. Which I find myself doing right now. So much for what I stated there.

I do not question the mark he has left on the world. Even I know what a big difference he has made. So if I did offend you, I’d like to apologise for it. It was not an attack on your idol. Merely my opinion on the whole thing. Hugs and kisses aite =)

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