why are you doing That?

You. Piss me off. Because you chose to walk away when you could have stayed. Because I’ve maybe needed a friend. Or some support through all this. And you’ve been a total bastard. Acting the way you have. But what pisses me off the most is that you are family. The real kind. And you still have the heart to turn away. If you were just a friend, I’d have confronted you a long time ago and give you a kick in the ass. But I can’t. Coz you’re not. I just wish sometimes you’d stop being such an idiot and realise that you’re being a hypocrite by being friends with him. When you’ve turned us away for a reason you could easilly use against him. And the balls you have to stand up for her. Acting like an angel. When really the person you should be standing up for has been in pain for a really long time. And no, I don’t even mean me.

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