That Bitch

This goes out to you. And the bitch you drag along with you. If I ever see her fucking face around again. I swear. I’m smacking that smug little expression right of her bare cheeks. I let it be for such a long time, thinking poor little girl. All broken and hurt. But if that bitch knows how to giggle to your smart ass remarks, she better learn to deal with the consequences of things. The only reason I let you go is still, coz you are blood. And despite how ridiculous you have been through this situation and well, how much I simply fucking hate your guts. I can’t do anything. Coz unlike you, I don’t do crap like that to family. So yeah. This serves as a warning. To you. To her. Don’t fucking show up if you’re not gonna at least be civilised enough to talk things out. And if you still chose not to be civilised, well then, I’m not gonna be either.

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