Yes, it’s not her writing Spanish (not like she would in HER own blog :P).
It’s her soulmate who’s newly learning Spanish who decides to NOT update HER own blog, but update this blog, ‘cos she misses doing so.

And writing this blog reminded her of the 4am talks, the crazy ungodly hours of gossiping, laughing, planning our future (LIKE IT’D HAPPEN TOMORROW?:P), and the inside jokes which NOBODY would understand (note : NOT even our own kids and husbands)..it’s just another classic example of how our soulmate-ness (for lack of a better word) can be.

Woman, I hope to be able to celebrate your birthday with you this year. And are you moving to where you told me you are? If it’s so then it’d be MUCHO MUCHO easier for us to meet and hang out and *ahem* all.. so please, do tell me kay? The soulmate misses you a lot. And I believe it’s likewise.

The call last Sunday was unexpected..and again when you called at such an *ahem* – I don’t need to say that word out :P- time; we had our talk, but I ‘m so sorry I’ve been so exhausted the past week, I have no more zest to talk to you the way I used to last time. Lo siento, chica. However, when we talked about the many other things that we ALWAYS talk about..and when we said that Mr Jayden’s gonna go “Mango? Gogogogogogo?”..and number 3’d go “where?” out of nowhere..that was classic humour!

And the A for Effort.
And the banana, nana. Fruitcake(!).. boy, the laughter was heard by my father downstairs lol.
I kena sound the next morning :P but t’was all good.

So here’s a little intruding to tell you that I seriously do miss you, and I’m sorry for being unable to spend time with you like we used to with each other – but I super super hope that we’d be able to once I get used to living in this uni.. and all that jazz :S

Yes, and I’ll introduce 4 to you .
And he’d frown like how banana did when we talked :P

adios for now, cariño (:
te extraño mucho. ten cuidado, por favor?

tu alma gemela (:

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