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This one goes out to Pineapple.
Woman. I’m gonna start this off by saying, I MISS YOU.
And now that that’s outta the way, I can get to apologising for going “poof” on you. Things have been either hectic or completely dead here. And so have it, you have impeccable timing when it comes to calling me. I’m either asleep, at work, or out w people, and you know the moment you call that I’m like super distracted. Therefore….sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! With sugar and icing on top =)
I figured you’ve been going through some pretty heavy stuff there by your occasional emo calls, and the lack of your blogging. I wish I could be right there next to you to hug you and then bitch slap the person that’s giving you a hard time. But unfortunately our long distance soulmate’ship prevents me from doing just that.
I will however, see you when I’m down in KL around my birthday. And then we WILL spend an entire day (or two, if it takes that long) gossiping and catching up on each other’s lives.
I still love you woman. And you’re constantly on my mind!
Oh, and I’m gonna post this on your blog as well, just in case it takes you forever to get here. Don’t want you thinking that I’ve stopped caring.


I fucking hate your lies! It’s one thing to lie and keep things from me. You take it to a whole other level when you keep denying everything, AFTER i’ve caught you fucking red handed. To think you had an ounce of humanity in you. Boy was I wrong. You fucking ruined everything. It is not letting go of you that’s hard. It is in all honestly, letting you go without making you pay for the shit you have done that’s impossible. It just doesn’t feel fair anymore at this point. But I promise, in time, you will get what you deserve. Karma will bite you in the ass.

Poopie Came Home

Yes, so Jolene was back last weekend. I’m sure everyone knows by now, coz the pictures went up on facebook a century ago. Okay, so maybe a week ago. But you get what I mean.

It was the normal mall-shop-bitch-club session.

Pretty pink bimbo nails =) Which we D.I.Y’d at Breeks. While having lunch.

And then we waited for mr-boyfriend-bouncer. Then headed to SS. Yes, I know you’re getting bored of the place just looking at the pictures. But we aren’t bored of it. Every trip Jolene makes back, we’ll end up being there. Without fail.

We spent most of our time dancing and taking pictures. And believe or not, no one was drunk at the end of the night. In fact, we were so sober we decided to leave early. Well it was that, and the fact that we’d spent a good 6 hours walking around the mall. Oh, and my favourite part of the night was the band. Mainly coz of the lead singer. Coz he was cute. In the I-have-a-thing-for-Phillipino-bald-guys way. But still! =)
Miss you both bitches!


Yup, it’s the soulmate posting at the other soulmate’s blog at sucha soulmate-ish time that we met via facebook and she actually asks of this soulmate to type this post ‘cos I’m her soulmate.

Confused, yet? :P

Okay so I promised to write some random crap to actually keep her blog readers entertained and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m actually in a skating rink resting area for the skaters or the hockey players with my bestie, Ms Cadbury (no it’s a nickname) and I’m just resting here while the bestie listens to the music from my laptop.

Yes, I have a Dell Latitude E5400 now and I’m damn proud of it. MUAHAHA.
Okay random crap.

So anyhow, here I am to write in her blog to tell her how much I miss her. The weeks of not meeting her and the lack of gossiping sessions. The lack of heart to hearts and updates; the lack of everything. Yet still, we’re still THAT connected in a lot of ways. Like how our mobile phones are barred totally because we have yet to pay our bills (I PAID MINE WOMAN! WHEE!).. the times when we laugh together or stop and sigh together.. those are precious moments that kept being there all the way even when we got “disconnected” temporarily.

So here woman, Pineapple’s telling you how much she misses you, the fruit that she always eats :P nyehehehe.
But seriously, I’ve missed you like loca. =)
Take care woman, and at anytime at all; give me a ring and we’d talk. Like last time.

Like how we always do.

Mucho, mucho amor pa’ ti.


It’s exactly 2 and a half years today.

I’m alright.

Even though I still love you.

A lot.