Yup, it’s the soulmate posting at the other soulmate’s blog at sucha soulmate-ish time that we met via facebook and she actually asks of this soulmate to type this post ‘cos I’m her soulmate.

Confused, yet? :P

Okay so I promised to write some random crap to actually keep her blog readers entertained and that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m actually in a skating rink resting area for the skaters or the hockey players with my bestie, Ms Cadbury (no it’s a nickname) and I’m just resting here while the bestie listens to the music from my laptop.

Yes, I have a Dell Latitude E5400 now and I’m damn proud of it. MUAHAHA.
Okay random crap.

So anyhow, here I am to write in her blog to tell her how much I miss her. The weeks of not meeting her and the lack of gossiping sessions. The lack of heart to hearts and updates; the lack of everything. Yet still, we’re still THAT connected in a lot of ways. Like how our mobile phones are barred totally because we have yet to pay our bills (I PAID MINE WOMAN! WHEE!).. the times when we laugh together or stop and sigh together.. those are precious moments that kept being there all the way even when we got “disconnected” temporarily.

So here woman, Pineapple’s telling you how much she misses you, the fruit that she always eats :P nyehehehe.
But seriously, I’ve missed you like loca. =)
Take care woman, and at anytime at all; give me a ring and we’d talk. Like last time.

Like how we always do.

Mucho, mucho amor pa’ ti.

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