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Poopie Came Home

Yes, so Jolene was back last weekend. I’m sure everyone knows by now, coz the pictures went up on facebook a century ago. Okay, so maybe a week ago. But you get what I mean.

It was the normal mall-shop-bitch-club session.

Pretty pink bimbo nails =) Which we D.I.Y’d at Breeks. While having lunch.

And then we waited for mr-boyfriend-bouncer. Then headed to SS. Yes, I know you’re getting bored of the place just looking at the pictures. But we aren’t bored of it. Every trip Jolene makes back, we’ll end up being there. Without fail.

We spent most of our time dancing and taking pictures. And believe or not, no one was drunk at the end of the night. In fact, we were so sober we decided to leave early. Well it was that, and the fact that we’d spent a good 6 hours walking around the mall. Oh, and my favourite part of the night was the band. Mainly coz of the lead singer. Coz he was cute. In the I-have-a-thing-for-Phillipino-bald-guys way. But still! =)
Miss you both bitches!