This one goes out to Pineapple.
Woman. I’m gonna start this off by saying, I MISS YOU.
And now that that’s outta the way, I can get to apologising for going “poof” on you. Things have been either hectic or completely dead here. And so have it, you have impeccable timing when it comes to calling me. I’m either asleep, at work, or out w people, and you know the moment you call that I’m like super distracted. Therefore….sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! With sugar and icing on top =)
I figured you’ve been going through some pretty heavy stuff there by your occasional emo calls, and the lack of your blogging. I wish I could be right there next to you to hug you and then bitch slap the person that’s giving you a hard time. But unfortunately our long distance soulmate’ship prevents me from doing just that.
I will however, see you when I’m down in KL around my birthday. And then we WILL spend an entire day (or two, if it takes that long) gossiping and catching up on each other’s lives.
I still love you woman. And you’re constantly on my mind!
Oh, and I’m gonna post this on your blog as well, just in case it takes you forever to get here. Don’t want you thinking that I’ve stopped caring.

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