what’s a blogpost without a picture? and that’s the pic of me in my baju that you love :P

You know the random times that I always write in your blog JUST FOH FUN lah huh.
And today’s one of those times that I wanna intrude and write – well not that you’d mind anyway :P
The soulmate’s in dire need of crazy camwhoring, shit-buying (HAHA you can buy shit? :P), and inside joke moments again. Missing the 23 hours of laughing, 30 mins of trying to be serious and the other 30 just to talk :P well you get what I mean when we’re together lah huh :P
And it’s just difficult, the past few months, going through life in uni and life in general- I know you know. Too much happenings , too little time.
Remember the time when you called 2 weeks after uni started?
“Uni sucked the life out of you”, you said.
Well, I regained that life back- if you could put it that way.
But you know that too many things happened lately , that I feel it fading again.
And I’m glad I’ve you to always be the atmosphere-setter when you’re around.
You know you won’t give me mercy when you’re here .. tired or not, soulmate time is soulmate time. Lol.
But the pissifying part is that you’d sleep on my bed, and that time is my soulmate on my bed time =.= yes I know you’d be laughing and going all “yeah I went to KL just for you so hello, your bed should be a reward for me no?”..
…you know my response to that, woman.
With all the crap I wrote here, I guess you can sum it all up to just three words :)
I miss you (:
Hasta luego, cariña!
Can’t wait to see you (:

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