There’re just so many between us huh woman.
And in an hour or so after dinner, I’m heading back to my university…which you dread of (uh woman, it’s my university and YOU dread huh. What irony :P).
The 2-3 days you spent in KL to celebrate your 21st with me means the world to me woman.
And next year, uh-duh, need i say this- YOU will be the star of my 21st.
See, another irony :P
And the bachelorette party.
And the wedding.
And the … well, whatever lah.
I just remembered woman.
5th November.
It’d be a year of the whole D&A thing.
Oh, it used to be DNA but um. Well.
Now YOU made PineappleMango to appear.
I still love my bitchirina.
You’re still Dylan. I don’t care.
And I’m still um. Assyslia. Hahah stupid name. Assylia sounds so much more classy OK? :P
Pictures won’t be up, woman. Brother decided to use my camera.
So the next round you’re here you edit and do whatever lah huh , broadband and all available :P
can’t wait to see you again.
I hope Penang happens by end of the year (:
I’ll miss you so much woman. Am missing you much now.
Oh, you do know that you can drop by my blog and write when you have your connection right (ah, duh? :P).
Miss your pennings in my blog :)

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