Monthly Archives: October 2009


Happy All Hallows Eve ya’ll!!!
What are you going as this year?


My brother’s album cover. Lol.

My attempt. Haha.

Daddy. Daugther. Son.
We liked the stairs. So, like, ancient.
That was all while waiting for the ferry.
I’m guessing it was a 45 minute wait.
But it didn’t feel too long coz well, we camwhore =)
And daddy took pictures for us too. Hehe.


Tonight I’ll go to sleep thinking about what you said.

I’ll dream of you, I’ll imagine you here.
And I’ll know that you’ll be doing the exact same thing there too.
I don’t want this post to be anything else but about that.
You already know what you mean to me.
And I figured it was time I allowed you to have some of my space here.

In loving memory

In loving memory of what was, and what I always dreamt would be.
“I love you ______________

That’s where your name goes.

No matter how many times you hurt me.
No matter how much pain I feel, or tears I shed.

My heart is yours.
Not a little corner, or a crack or just some space in it.
It is yours.
I am yours.

When you fall short, when we fall short.
I still know we’re gonna be alright.

You’re my forever.
You’re my always.”
But today I let go.
I’ve done that bit by bit over time that today, it finally feels like there’s almost nothing left to let go of.
I let go because I realise that you’re no longer my right kind of wrong.
I let go because I realise that I don’t love you like I did yesterday anymore.
We’ll always have those 3 years.
And the memories that it’s left us with.

SS and it’s cute Drummer

So, Sarah called randomly, and asked if I was free. She actually swung by the house to get me, but I was in Penang, so they came to get me and we headed to SS. Yes, randomly. I had nothing else but beachwear and well, that’s what I wore. With sandals. You would not imagine the stares I got.
Errr..we weren’t drunk. Not one bit. We were just having fun dancing!
Kevin. Mr Popular for the day. And really, our personal bodyguard.
Isn’t he such a cutie? Hehe.

The new band. A few of the members at least.
I think they’re much better than the previous one.

JOLENE!!! We wished you were there! Get ya ass back to Penang bitch!!! Love love.