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Alright. So I know I haven’t properly updated this blog in God knows how long. In all the time I spent not online and not blogging, I think I’ve actually forgotten how to write. No, i’m not kidding. I’ve opened and closed blogger a million times by now. And not posted anything, even though I wanted to the entire time.
Hang in there. Coz the time will come. Soon hopefully.

My 21st Birthday!

So I got bored with my old blog. And well, I know I could have just changed the template blablabla. But I kinda wanted a new name. I guess it’s all coz of the whole turning 21 thing. A fresh start and stuff. I have however, imported the old posts coz I don’t wanna not be able to look back at everything. And I didn’t wanna keep the old blog really up. So what better way to kick this off than a post filled with many self loving pictures of well…

Yes I know I’ve been MIA for so long. But now that I have the internet back, I promise updates on a often-enough basis.