Daily Archives: 141009


I stand alone by the beach.

Wind in my hair.
Warm sand beneath my feet.
A wave hits. The sand turns cold.
I hear music playing.
But that’s all I hear.
The sea accompanied by that song.
No cars.
No noisy children splashing around.
Wind blows sand at me.
I close my eyes.
And as I take a deep breath, I’m overwhelmed with this strange sense of comfort.
Comfort only you make me feel.
It’s a warmth I’ve missed.

I give myself a hug, imagining you are there.
I swear I can almost smell you.
I shiver.
Then I open my eyes and stare at the sea.
At the waves.
At the clear blue horizon.
And I stand there for hours til the sun goes down.
Not able to move.
I just stand there thinking.
I miss you.
More than anyone could imagine.
All that I know is I’m breathing.
All I can do is keep breathing.